What Does Your Website Need To Actually Convert In 2023?

By Andrew Arkwell

What Does Your Website Need To Actually Convert In 2023? (Arkwell Digital, Arkwell Inc.)


Methods change with newer SEO technology, AI-focused tools, and ever-changing attempts to prevent unfair manipulation that pushes SEO and the strategies we use forward, forever changing and optimizing in both complexity and ease of application. However, the fundamentals to creating a website that converts your users (whether you’re B2B, B2C, E-Commerce, or Service-focused) haven’t changed!

Above features: A strong hero section with a great paragraph, main CTA, supporting CTA, quick-link to main area (Services) with unique right-side image and floating tooltips with dynamic data. (Arkwell Inc).

Start with a strong opening hero landing section

Choose a strong opening headline for your business, something that describes your business in one complete sentence. It’s best if you can work in a pun, double meaning, metaphor, or otherwise add dynamic references into your copy. Your supporting sentence below the main title should support your title, but not be required to read to understand your business.

Include informative sections throughout

Add large bold sections that split up different information like Services sections by using icons and easy to recognize graphics. Hiding or collapsing information by default can help to declutter the view for visitors and help encourage navigation by slowly presenting information.

About features: Your hero landing section for any major page or area of your website should maintain your brand and immediately aim to capture and direct the visitor. (Arkwell Inc).

Human-directed content, A.I-assisted cautioned

Write content for no other purpose other than to inform the reader of exactly what they assumed they would be informed of if they continued reading. Offer solutions and aim to convert users with call to actions, concise content that is human-edited and unique from your own written perspective.

A.I-assisted content can be OK, but it should be used with caution. If you’re letting artificial intelligence like ChatGPT write all your content, Google will most likely know but if the content does the job, it generally doesn’t matter. A.I is best used to assist with creative starting points and then for best results optimized by a human from a unique perspective and writing style, ensuring your SEO stands out.

Above features: Ensure you know why your visitors are landing on a specific page, and you can direct them with appropriate content they can relate to. (Arkwell Inc.)

Landing pages for all occasions

Every campaign you’re running should have unique landing pages for each specific purpose; when you know why your visitors are landing on a specific page or area, you can optimize the content they see and present them with CTA’s that will (hopefully) convert by establishing contact or selling products directly.

Dynamic content, videos, animations, and walkthroughs

The future is video, and 4K 60FPS can be instantly loaded on most devices nowadays including desktop to mobile, so make sure you’re taking advantage of this. Create ‘talk to the camera’ content for ultimate unique content, create clips of footage and piece together for equally unique but more generic content, or use stock footage to represent your business online for high quality non-unique content.

Use animated icons sparingly but wherever possible, and integrate modern walkthroughs with Google maps and other custom API’s you can configure and leverage for custom functionality.

Links, social integrations, and reviews

Link out to other websites throughout your website; it helps your rank overall and helps to establish your website as a distributor of content that benefits multiple ecosystems online. Share your blogs after they’re live to all social platforms, build up backlinks to your overall website, and improve trust and online reputation by building up reviews from your customers.

Whether you’re looking to sell products through traditional e-commerce to online visitors, funnel leads into your service-based online subscription service, or just generate online engagement and discussion, following these tips will help you achieve your conversion goals!

Andrew Arkwell

Andrew Arkwell

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