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Packages For All Levels of Business

Tier One ➜ Initial Start

  • Recommended Monthly Ad Spend: $1000
  • For: Businesses starting out in their industry, or just beginning a new marketing campaign, and/or to start targeting an avatar with new advertising content, or  starting a new web or app funnel to collect leads.

Tier Two ➜ Ramp Up

  • Recommended Monthly Ad Spend: $2500
  • For: Businesses currently growing and scaling presence, optimizing lead funnels, improve lead quality and qualification, and run simultaneous campaigns.

Tier Three ➜ Take Off

  • Recommended Monthly Ad Spend: $6000+
  • For: Businesses running lean, enterprise operations that require data-driven, auditable marketing campaigns with a very high level of detail optimization.

Calculating Cost Per Click

What's Your Ads CPC?

The amount of money it costs to get one click on your advertising through various social and search platforms varies with many factors including industry, method, creative, and lead value but we can provide an estimate based on averages. This is a great measure of your ad success and is an important metric to continuously track.


Most CPC’s are between $2 and $8, mostly depending on the industry and therefore depending on average conversion value of a lead. Assuming an average $4 CPC, $2000/month in Ad Spend will net you 500 clicks.

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